Why You Should Consider Heating Mats for Your Home This Winter

Wintertime has its benefits, with the holidays around the corner and family visiting from out of town, it can be a wonderful time of the year. However, much of the negatives that come with the Winter seasons are the cold weather and conditions. Ice, sleet, hail, snow and freezing temperatures have us adjusting our daily schedules to account for the season; waking up early to ensure your driveways and walkways are shovelled is just one of the adjustments. KEMF wants to make the winter easier on you with heated mats! Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in heated mats:


Keep You and Your Family Safe


Icy conditions can lead to numerous amounts of injuries in the Winter. Slipping and falling are common accidents, and with black ice on the roads and your driveway, it makes driving much more dangerous as well. HOT-flake heating mats are designed to dissolve snow and ice that has conglomerated on your driveway, patios, walkways and more! This technology was developed to ensure that individuals walking over the mats do not slip or fall due to melting ice or snow which is ideal for families with children.


No More Shovelling!


Perhaps the grandest perk of investing in HOT-Flake heating mats is that you will no longer need to shovel! Our mats are designed to ensure that the snow and ice that settle on your driveway and sidewalks melt promptly, and the grip on the mats ensure anyone walking over them will not risk injury from slipping. Especially during the night time when the temperatures drop drastically, and ice begins to settle underneath the snowfall, it can make it nearly impossible to keep your driveway free of debris. KEMF heating mats will make sure that you will not have to shovel before work or school, so you can even sleep in a bit!




The idea of implementing heat mats for your home would be pointless if they were not designed to sustain weather conditions and the weight of humans and cars. Our mats are designed with exceptionally refined materials that have been tested to survive some of the harshest conditions and still perform at maximum capacity. These mats aren’t just good for one year either! At KEMF, we ensure that the mats we sell will provide high-quality performance for many years; just put them away when they are not needed and break them back out when the weather begins to shift.



The amount of time our mats will save you from shovelling and salting your house efficiently, these mats are worth the money. They are affordable and come in a variety of different sizes depending on your needs.


Make the winter months easier on yourself this year and invest in some heating mats! The benefits are plentiful, and if you invest in some small mats, you can place them right at your front door so that when you come home from a cold, long day at work or school, you can begin warming up immediately. For more information, contact KEMF today!