Easily installed between the existing filter and water supply line, SpectraLight™’s UV sterilizers eliminate the maintenance hassles of pool filters while minimizing carcinogenic chemicals. You’ll swim in the same chlorine levels found in drinking water (up to 90% less chlorine).

We have known for many years that the chemicals found in pool water can cause burning eyes, skin irritation, difficulty breathing and damage to dental enamel. We also know that using chlorinated swimming pools increases bladder cancer risk by 57% (Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology). Moreover, children with the highest pool attendance are five times more likely to suffer from allergies and asthma than other children who were never exposed to these pools. The impact of these chemicals on our children is five times more significant than being exposed to second-hand smoke (Catholic University of Louvain).


When it comes to chlorine in your pool, LESS is MORE. With SpectraLight™ Ultraviolet, instead of chlorine doing all the work, the UV light destroys 99% of the organic matter in the pool. As a result, chlorine levels can be lowered from 4.0 ppm to 0.5 ppm.


SpectraLight™ Ultraviolet is truly a revolutionary water treatment system of higher quality. If you want easier maintenance of your pool or spa, safe pool water without chemicals and with much less chlorine, try SpectraLight™ Ultraviolet. Together, we can make your pool a safer place for your family, and also help preserve our environment at the same time.

Safety Advantages

SpectraLight™ Ultraviolet is 100% safe for your in-ground or above ground pool. UV light cannot pass through the graphite housing. There is no risk of UV overdose, and UV is approved by the EPA for the disinfection of drinking water.


You’ll also save on your annual costs for pool filter maintenance because SpectraLight™ eliminates the need to purchase expensive specialty pool chemicals. With fewer chemicals to manage, the water pH balance will be easily attainable. Many SpectraLight™ Ultraviolet users report saving over $400 per year on pool chemicals. And, with high pool water quality, pumps, filters, pool heaters and pool surfaces will all last longer.