Roof Gutter Guard Protection

Gutter improvements are just one of many ways KEMF Life Simplified Inc. helps simplify the homeowner’s life. With Tek-Mesh gutter protectors, your gutters will protect your walls, foundation, and landscaping better and longer, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your home.
Clean, Clog-Free, Long-Lasting Gutters

The Tek-Mesh Advantage

Superior design and unique features make Tek-Mesh gutter protectors virtually maintenance-free. Thousands of 2.0-mm holes in its curved-edge, raised mesh cover prevent even tiny spruce needles from clogging the gutters, and strategically placed water vents effectively channel the rainwater. Made of rigid high-quality aluminum in ten anodized colors, Tek-Mesh will not rust or sag. (Canadian Industrial Design Registration No. 163381.)

Give your gutters—and your home investment—the protection they deserve. We sell and install Tek-Mesh Gutter Protectors throughout the Montreal area to fit your new or existing system, no matter the style or type of roof. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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