HOTStars™ Heated Mats

Safe Passage made Simple

Our next generation heating technology offers home and business owners an effective way to eliminate slippery walkways and stairs on all types of surfaces including asphalt, stone, wood, cement and grass. HOTStars™ mats are easy to transport and require no particular installation.
  • Rapid Heating
  • Energy Savings
  • Weighs less for easy install
  • Quick connect system
  • Automatic Snow sensor optional
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Safety Advantages

HOTStars™ heating mats are our next generation heated snow melting mats. We've added a number of significant improvements to our premium mats. First we've heard our customers loud and clear, and reduced the weight of our mats by 45% making them much easier to install and handle and more cost effective to ship. Second we changed our heating mechanism from wire to membrane these improvements allow for wider heating surface which also heats quicker and consumes less energy. We've improved on our waterproof screw connectors for secure connections between units, providing optimal safety and efficiency. Grommets have been incorporated in the corners for clients that need to screw down the mats. HOTStars™ offers GFCI units (ground fault circuit interrupters) for additional safety, we acquired the certification of TUV Rheinland and our testing standards meet those of :
USA/ UL 499 : 2005 R3.11
CANADA/ CSA – E60335-1 4E-03 (R2007)

The mat can connect up to 10 (120V) or 20 (240V) rubber stair treads, up to 5 (120V) or 10 (240V) rubber doormats and landing mats AND up to 4 (120V) or 8 (240V) walkway and driveway mats. In any combination, connections should not exceed 15 amps per GFCI. HOTStars™ heats up between 7 – 10 degrees Celsius or 44 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit in five minutes!