Our Product History

  • 2011 SpectraLight™

    Spectralight UV No more chlorine, bacteria and algae in your pool water! SpectraLight™ Ultraviolet is a revolutionary water treatment system for easy maintenance of your swimming pool.

  • hotflake stair thread

    2011 HOTFlake™

    HOTflake Canadian designed, HOTflake™’s anti-slip, inter-connectible heating mats are manufactured in 100 percent virgin, moulded SBR rubber. The patented, waterproof heated wiring embedded within the mats melt snow and ice ON CONTACT, thereby protecting you from slips and fall accidents.

  • tek mesh gutter protection

    2012 TEK-Mesh

    TEK-Mesh Gutter improvements are just one of many ways KEMF Life Simplified Inc. helps simplify the homeowner’s life. With Tek-Mesh gutter protectors, your gutters will protect your walls, foundation, and landscaping better and longer, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your home.

  • hot-blocks snow melting heated mats

    2013 HOT-Blocks™

    HOT-Blocks are outdoor industrial heated mats that keep walkways and stairs safe in inclement weather. More versatile than simple rubber mats, these mats have heating elements designed to melt away snow. UV-protected and inter-connectable, HOT-Blocks™ can be used on stairs, doorways, handicapped ramps, and alleyways. These Canadian-designed mats can be used in high traffic areas where it’s most important to minimize slip and fall risks.