Living in a climate where snowfall is an integral part of your Winters can be exciting. The snow invokes feelings of the holiday spirit and provides substance for snowman building, sledding and building snow forts. However, not every aspect to snowfall is a pleasant one for homeowners. Snow can become a burden for homeowners as they attempt to park in their driveways or walk towards their front door. Here are some helpful tips you can use to make shoveling less difficult this Winter:


Shovel the Snow as It Falls


There will be nights where the snow just keeps falling and falling. As the snow falls on your driveway, be sure to shovel the snow as it falls when you can. Snow is heavy when it accumulates, and depending on the volume of snow that falls, it can weigh on your back to lift the snow off your driveway. The more that you remove off your driveway now, means less snow to shovel later. It also reduces the risk of snow melting and then refreezing which can lead to hazardous and slippery conditions. This also presents an opportunity to lay out sand or salt to help improve grip and traction following the snowfall.


Shovel A Line Down the Middle of Your Driveway


Following a heavy snowfall, you may not even know where to begin shoveling, as your entire surrounding will be a white, winter wonderland. Firstly, it is wise to shovel all walkways and sidewalks leading towards your house. If there is a public sidewalk in front of your house, it is your responsibility to ensure that snow is cleared for pedestrians, so we advise you to start shoveling there. Afterwards, when you start shoveling your driveway, shovel a giant line straight down the middle of your driveway. You can then stand in the middle of your driveway and work to clear both sides with more accessibility.


Invest in Heated Anti-Slip Mats


The most practical solution to all your Winter woes is to invest into inter-connectable outdoor heated, anti-slip mats. Heated, anti-slip mats, melt snow and ice on contact, and help ensure that heavy snow does not accumulate on your steps, doorway, walkway or driveway. In fact, these mats work so well that you won’t even need to shovel so that you can enjoy your wintery nights by the fireplace or watching a movie. Anti-slip mats ensure that all visitors to your house are safe from slipping and falling since the melted snow does not stay on top of the mats but evaporates! They are so easy to put together and are durable enough to survive the weight of cars parking on them. You can even utilize them for entrances leading to your spa or BBQ, thereby giving you access to all parts of the house without having to shovel your way through.


Winter is an exciting time for kids and adults alike; yet, the conditions they bring can be hazardous and bothersome for homeowners. Following these shoveling tips or investing in heated anti-slip mats may be the best decision you’ll make this Winter.