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Heating Mats Outperform Shovels and Salt for Deicing

When it comes to melting the snow and ice that accumulates on sidewalks and driveways across Canada, the heating mat is an innovative improvement over traditional salt-and-shovel deicing. Using heating mats is more reliable, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly than spreading salt. They provide safer, consistently clear access routes to homes and buildings for pedestrians and drivers alike, and with far less effort and waste. More Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Canadians have earned a reputation for being actively eco-conscious. For [...]

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The Gazette

Tek-Mesh termine les tracas de la pluie branché gouttières. Tek-Mesh puts and end to the clogging and cleaning of rain gutters – permanently. It is a robest aluminum micro-screen gutter protection system that allows water to flow through, while keeping leaves, line needles, tiny berries, and maple seeds out of the gutter. Cliquer ici pour lire l’article au complet.              

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