The Benefits of Implementing A Water Purification System in Your Home

All water is created equally; however, if you had the choice between drinking water from your faucet, or water conditioned through the Pelican Water Filtration System, your choice should be the latter every time. Not only is the water that is conditioned through the filtration system tastier and cleaner than average tap water, but it is also more environmentally friendly and improves the water quality throughout your entire house. Here are a couple of reasons why you should upgrade your water supply through a water purification system:


Conditioned Water Throughout Your Home:


The water that is dispersed throughout your home runs through the same system, which means the water that is used to wash your dishes, your clothes, your hair and your lawn is also the tap water you drink.  We often hear complaints about how the water in our client’s homes smells, is cloudy or comes out discoloured. Water filters that attach to taps and faucets only clean the water directly from the faucet which means you are showering, bathing and washing your clothes with water that is filled with contaminants. Upgrading your water system provides you with clean, odourless water for your dishwasher, washing machines and showers.


Save Money/Eco-Friendly.


Much of the reason that the bottled water industry is a massive success is that it is accessible and tastes better than tap water. With Pelican Water Filtration Systems, the water that will be pumping throughout your home will taste cleaner and purer than water bottles. The price of water bottles is very costly and depending on how much water you drink; you could end up paying hundreds of dollars a week on bottled water. It makes much more sense to install a purification system in your house, so you can get that water bottle taste, without overpaying for it with bottles. Another added benefit to the water purification system is that it reduces your carbon footprint significantly. Water bottles contribute an insane amount of waste into our oceans and rivers, and because they do not biodegrade, they will be present for more than 400 years. Implement a purification system to save money and do your part to conserving our environment.


More Health Conscientious


Tap water that is filtered by your municipal water system can contain traces of various chemicals such as chlorine, which you do not want to ingest or wash your skin or hair with. Intaking pure, filtered water without any added chemicals can provide reassurance and comfort. For pregnant mothers, they will be reassured their baby is receiving only the cleanest water available. Water filtration systems nix any other possible diseases that may be caused by chemically altered water.


Water Filtration Systems are easy to install and are a cost-effective measure to provide clean, tasty and safe water throughout your home. For more information on Pelican Water Filtration Systems and installation in the Montreal, Quebec area, contact KEMF today! We can’t wait to help improve your home!