Roof Gutter Guard Protection


Gutter improvements are just one of many ways KEMF Life Simplified Inc. helps simplify the homeowner’s life. With Tek-Mesh gutter protectors, your gutters will protect your walls, foundation, and landscaping better and longer, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your home.

The Tek-Mesh Advantage

Cleaning gutters is essential home maintenance. Leaves, nuts, soil, and shingle grit inevitably wash into unprotected gutters and block water flow in the gutters and drains. Lower-quality gutter protectors can allow water and debris to collect over the flexible, flat mesh over time.

The result: both gutter and guard clog and require even more upkeep. Even reverse-curve gutter guards fail when shingle oil and roof dirt impede the pull of surface tension. Water flows off the edge of the roof rather than into the gutters, which collect an unsightly ring of dirt and debris.


Tek-Mesh advanced gutter protection keeps out debris and allows water to flow through.

Clean, Clog-Free, Long-Lasting Gutters

Superior design and unique features make Tek-Mesh gutter protectors virtually maintenance-free. Thousands of 1.5-mm holes in its curved-edge, raised mesh cover prevent even tiny spruce needles from clogging the gutters, and strategically placed water vents effectively channel the rainwater. Made of rigid high-quality aluminum in ten anodized colors, Tek-Mesh will not rust or sag. There’s even a crevice underneath the curved front edge where a heating wire can be installed to reduce icicle formation. (Canadian Industrial Design Registration No. 163381.)

Give your gutters—and your home investment—the protection they deserve. We sell and install Tek-Mesh Gutter Protectors throughout the Montreal area to fit your new or existing system, no matter the style or type of roof. Contact us today for a free estimate.


1) Why is TEK-MESH considered maintenance free?

The gutter is completely covered with this micro-mesh aluminum screen and is positioned flush with its edge all debris has no place to go but off onto the ground.

2) Where does the water go?

The water flows through the miniscule 1 ½ mm holes strategically placed in the micromesh. The water vents are angled carefully to collect heavy downpours.

3) Can the TEK-MESH rust?

No, TEK-MESH is made of aluminum.

4) Can I install TEK-MESH myself, or must I have a certified installer install it for me?

TEK-MESH is very easy to install, and is designed for a do-it-yourself installation, but nevertheless you do need a few basic tools.

5) Is TEK-MESH only available in one or two colors?

No, TEK-MESH is available in 10 assorted colors, so that it can either match the color of your roof or gutter.

6) Will TEK-MESH fit different models of gutters?

Yes, TEK-MESH has been designed to fit all models of gutters, whether they are G style or K style, or even the rounded edge style.

7) If I do not have a shingle roof, but have a tar and gravel roof, can I still have TEK-MESH installed?

Yes, you can have TEK-MESH installed, but you would need to cut off 2”from the back section and bend the back 1” portion of TEK-MESH upward and then screw that back portion into your fascia.

8) If I have a metal roof, can I have TEK-MESH installed:

Yes you can have TEK-MESH installed, by unscrewing your corrugated metal roof and sliding the TEK-MESH underneath, and then re-screwing your metal roof back down.

9) Can the wind blow the TEK-MESH off my gutter after I install it?

No it will not. TEK-MESH is made to be screwed down if needed to the roof or fascia. The lower section of the TEK-MESH is made with a wide flap to grip the edge of the gutter.

10) Can TEK-MESH prevent icicles from forming?

TEK-MESH is designed with a crevice directly below its rounded edge where a heated cable may be installed to help reduce icicle formation. Every house is different and because ventilation and insulation varies, it is difficult to guaranty that absolutely no icicles will ever occur.

11) If I have questions or am not sure how to install it, do you have a toll free number to call?

Yes certainly, you can call either our toll free number at:
Canada: 1-866-923-4812
USA: 1-855-468-0088
or e-mail us at info@tek-mesh.com

12) If for whatever reason I am not satisfied with its performance; can I return my TEK-MESH?

Yes most certainly. If you are not satisfied with its performance, even after you have followed our recommended instructions, please return the product for a refund.