Pelican Water Filtration System


Pelican Water Systems make the water from your tap taste better than bottled water. The water filtration systems are designed to remove both unpleasant tastes and odours, resulting in clean, clean drinking water. An optional UV filter can also be used to ensure that any bacteria are eliminated.

Advantages of Water Conditioning

Our water softener is salt-free, protecting your dishwasher, plumbing, and washing machine from the effects of mineral buildup. Softened water will also help your laundry and showering experiences. Your skin will be softer, and clothing won’t break down as quickly in the laundry. Water conditioning is often overlooked by people who haven’t experienced the profound differences between hard and conditioned water.

Eco-Friendly and Easy to Install

Pelican Water Systems add absolutely no salt, chemicals or additives to your water. Our simplified systems are eco-friendly and easy to install. The salt-free softener and conditioner treat your hard water, and the carbon filter addresses any chemicals and unwanted tastes and odors. Most municipal water systems use chlorine or chloramines to treat or disinfect the city water supply. These chemicals are great for making the city water safe, but they can also leave unpleasant tastes and odors. In the shower, the municipal chemicals dry out your skin and hair. Chemical-free filtration and softening make a difference every time you open a faucet.

Great for Removing Minerals from Well Water

Pelican Water Systems remove the unwanted minerals from your system. Iron and sulfur, common problems for houses with well water, can easily be controlled. If unaddressed, calcium and magnesium can bind to surfaces like your home’s pipes, appliances, shower door, and faucets. By eliminating the detrimental effects of these minerals, water conditioning extends the life of expensive water heaters and other appliances. Get a quote for filtration and softening services for your property.

“Imagine spring-like water from every faucet of your home. Drink, bathe and shower in sparkling clean water, every time.”

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