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  • TEK-MESHTM (Patent Pending) is a robust  high tech aluminum micro-screen gutter protection system that has been developed to give total peace of mind to home owners that want to protect their gutters from all debris, including  leaves, spruce needles, tiny berries, maples seeds, birds, rodents, as well as wasps and bees. This ultimate gutter protector will handle any volume of water that your gutter can handle, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your gutters are completely protected.
  • TEK-MESHTM has been designed to be installed under the first row of shingles, and clipped onto the lip of the gutter. For those that want more solidity, TEK-MESHTMmay also be screwed down, thereby reinforcing the gutter to the roof, such as with metal corrugated roofs.
  • TEK-MESHTM may also be screwed to the fascia in cases where there are no shingles, such as a gravel or membrane roof.
  • TEK-MESH has been designed for the do-it-yourself home owner, or for the gutter contractor that wants to provide the very best in gutter protection with the facility of ease in installation. TEK-MESH is available in 10 colors, to match either the color of the gutters or the roof, and comes in 5 foot lengths.
  • TEK-MESH is NOT painted but ANODIZED in order to give richness and make the colors permanent.
  • TEK-MESH’s unique design of a micro-screen, combined with strategically designed water vents that direct the fast flowing rain directly into the gutter, demonstrate the efficiency and uniqueness of its design. Furthermore, the rounded edge that protrudes to the edge of the gutter enables all debris to fall over the edge and onto the ground, thereby keeping your gutters clean without any effort all year round. Below this rounded edge is a small crevice where a heated gutter wire may be placed, in order to help reduce the formation of icicles during the winter season.
  • TEK-MESH has been created for the consumer and contractor, with simplicity in mind, to do its job and keep your gutters clear from all debris. Rain water over time can create much damage to your home, so your gutters need to be free flowing. TEK-MESH is the answer….for always.